La Juan D’Arienzo

Winners “Best Tango Orchestra in the World 2018”

Since its 2012 debut in Buenos Aires, La Juan D’Arienzo has aimed to offer listeners and dancers the characteristic music in the style of the legendary tango orchestra leader Juan D’Arienzo, who was known as the Rey del Compás, or the King of the Rhythm. The young and talented musicians not only offer that mode of one of the greatest orchestras in Argentine tango history, they also bring a freshness that has been welcomed by audiences around the world. In a very short time Orchestra Juan D’Arienzo has seduced and dominated the Buenos Aires dace scene. They have toured extensively in Europe, headlining many major Tango Festivals in Europe, Brazil, and Argentina. They are considered the best Tango orchestra in the world after winning the 2018 tango orchestra completion in Buenos Aires. The La Juan D’Arienzo orchestra consists of 11 musicians: four bandoneons, four violins, bass, piano and a vocalist singer. The orchestra is directed by the first bandoneónist, Lazzari, whose grandfather was Carlos Lazzari, the first bandoneónist and arranger for the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra from 1950 until 1976, when D’Arienzo passed away, and then the leader of Los Solistas de D’Arienzo. (

Hiawatha Tango Orchestra

A Minneapolis tango band that plays every phrase of every song for dancers! The group is led by bandoneónist Bob Barnes who has played hundreds of milongas with Hiawatha Tango and his previous band, Mandragora Tango. Bob has been crazy for tango since first hearing it in the 80s. He is also an avid tango dancer and brings his passion for dancing to Hiawatha Tango. He says "I only play tangos I want to dance to and I only DJ tangos I want to play!" His love of tango in infectious and can be heard in all the music he plays. Hiawatha Violinist Wendy Tangen-Foster is a passionate, lyrical performer who many might recognize from her other tango project, Rogue Tango. When she and Bob get together with the rest of the orchestra it is tango magic.

Jae Youn Grisham

"I begged her to stop playing such great music because my feet were tired…" 
[Name withheld by request]

Jae is the founder of Tango Utopia in the greater Raleigh/Durham area.  She is recognized as one of the premier teachers, dancers and DJ's as well as the organizer of the monthly Milonga Utopia and the weekly practicas.
As a DJ, Jae loves the challenge of keeping dancers on the floor to the very last tanda.  Her sensitivity to the energy of a milonga influences her music selection. Her music library is focused on the traditional masters and this is also reflected in her musical choices. She has been invited to DJ at festivals, milongas, marathons and encuentro milongueros in Chicago, Atlanta, Augusta, Newport News, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, Knoxville, Santa Fe, Ohibo Milonga in Milan, Phoenix, Albuquerque, DC, Louisville, Salida, Asheville, Seattle, Salt Lake, and Tenerife. (

Adam Hoopengardner

"…. a relentless Shazamer….." Anonymous

Adam Hoopengardner has been DJing for over 13 years. He runs a weekly and monthly milonga with his partner Ciko in New York City which features an alternative room and a traditional room. It is the only weekly alternative milonga in New York City.

He has DJ'd all across the United States, Canada, and Europe during his career.

He is always researching new and interesting alternative music for the dancer to interpret and play with by chatting with other DJ's and relentlessly shazaming wherever he goes! (

Felipe Martinez

"I wanted to go home but he kept playing such awesome tandas" [overheard at a milonga]

Felipe has been DJing tango for more than 15 years. He is a resident DJ in the Bay Area at The Beat, Genesis, Alberto's and El Valenciano and has also played music in Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Istanbul) and Buenos Aires, where he was invited to play music at El Beso and Villa Malcolm Club in several occasions. 
He has played music at most important festivals and marathons in the US: Portland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Bragg, Austin, Boulder as well as in many other communities like Providence, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal.
He has also played in Asia at many festivals and marathons: Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, as well as Tainan and Taichung.
Felipe's musical selection is based on the Golden Age classics that ensure a great atmosphere for dancing. (

David Rost

Host and DJ of the longest running milonga in the Twin Cities

David has been DJing for 20 years, and has been hosting and DJing Milonga en el Alma, the premier milonga in Minneapolis, for 18 years.
With a strong love of the canonical classics of the Golden Age, he will also admit to an occasional fling with alternative music.

Ayano Yoneda

"Ayano has amazing knowledge of deep cuts of tango music and a simultaneously kickass ability to keep the party rocking long into the night" – Shorey Myers

Based in San Francisco, Ayano travels and dances in the milongas around the world including her annual pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. She regularly DJs at the local milongas in San Francisco such as El Valenciano, Genesis, The Beat, as well as at Milonga de Nora, Alberto's and Milonga Rubia. She has been invited to DJ in Tokyo, Taipei, Maui Embrace Tango Festival, Pasional The Third Coast Tango Marathon, Holiday Tango in DC, Ronda De Ases in Portland, Marathon Z, San Diego Tango Marathon, La Mujeres Tango Marathon and Ann Arbor Tango Marathon. (

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